Mindful Body classes combine the best techniques in training the body and mind as a whole – it combines pilates, yoga, fascia-training, deep stretching, active stretching and different relaxation methods – creating a class that truly cares for the body while working with the mind.

What makes this concept truly innovative is the fact that everything happens from the inside out. There are no positions to attempt or movements to do except for the ones that feel good and right for your own body. The class teaches you to listen to your body, to perform everything according to what your body tells you to do and to do only what feels good. It also teaches you to learn more about your body and how exactly we should listen to it every single day!

Our mission is to give everyone  the chance to relax and feel the moment, to care for the body and mind, every single day. To teach people how to listen to their own bodies and perform everything from the inside out, by truly respectig your own unique body!


What happens in a Mindful Body class?

Each Mindful Body class is built around a specific physiological and a psychlogical goal, and in combining these goals, it works with the mind and the body in an individual as a whole. A physiological goal may be, for example, to open up the spine in order to help it recover from daily pressures and in order to do that, to open up muscles and tissues that are directly connected to it. The psychological goal in this class may then be to learn to feel tensions that are preventing the spine from moving freely and to understand how breathing is connected to the mobility of the spine. By combining these two goals, a physiological and a psychological goal, it is possible to take knowledge and understanding of one’s body and and the mind to a whole new level.

Each Mindful Body class is divided into 4 different parts in order to open the body on different physiological levels and to prepare the mind to let go of daily hassles and stressors in order to focus on the feel of the body.

The first part of each class is the Warm-Up.  In the Warm-Up the body is but warmed up, the oxygen flow in the body and the brain is increased, the joints are lubricated and the mind has the first opportunity to relax and stop in the moment, to feel the body and to turn thoughts to the inside of every individual.

The second part is the Strengthen & Open- part where the warming of different tissues of the body is taken further, the movement of the joints is increased, balance and control of the body is practised and the inner muscles and posture of the body are opened and streghtened. Breathing becomes more focused and it starts giving the movements a rythm based on the individuals feeling and ability to control specific movements, deep muscles and joints, and the overall ability to breathe more deeply.

The third part of every Mindful Body class is Deepstretching. By now the body has been warmed up and opened up specifically to the physiological goals of the class, and the mind has had the opportunity to calm down, turn thoughts to the inside of the body, to the feel of the body.  The breathing has become easier and the overall feeling is relaxed.  The Deepstretching part then focuses on the areas specified in physiological goals, for example in this example, the spine. Muscles and joints are warmed up to aid in the each deepstretching position, then the muscles are let to stretch to each individuals specific needs and tensions that they find in their body, and after that the body recovers from the deepstretching position in itself and to prepare it for the next deepstreching position.

The fourth part is Relaxation.  By now both the body and the mind feel very relaxed and calm. This feeling is allowed to deepen and grow by focusing on the weight of the body, the breathing and how one is feeling inside. In the Relaxation part it is possible to bring the body and the mind to a similar state of relaxation as when one is falling asleep, by letting the parasymphatetic nervous system to activate, so that the body starts healing itself from the inside out, exactly as how it works during sleep.